Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Do We Have Here?

Mom: "Hey Owen, what are you drawing?"
Owen: "Uhhh. . . these are all the weapons that I know of."
Mom: "I certainly hope so."

After four boys, Rich and I have realized that they are drawn to this kind of stuff, no matter the other "peaceful" things you encourage them in. They make weapons out of anything--food, Legos, their hands. Wars, wrestling and weapons. . . the three 'W's. They fill our days and are actually entertaining most of the time. And in one more day, we are adding a girl to this mix. Heaven help her.

Should I be concerned? No. . . I just told him to check out other books from the library that aren't under the category "Military Technology" and we will be gooood.

Plus, he is one of the best kids that I know of. And I know a lot of them.


Amy said...

I concur. The three W's are a staple at our home. Can't wait to hop on here and oogle pictures of that sweet baby!

Carrick family said...

Oh yeah, you are in a big trouble! JK! Boys are Boys!

Anonymous said...

Love it. So excited to meet little girl Wilcox!

crush said...

Owen is one of the best kids I know of, too! (Love the underlying hint of Napoleon quoting, here-- not sure if that was purposeful or not, but of course we pick up on that stuff!) Anyway, your bay is going to be so blessed to have those big brothers! Can't wait to see her!

Heather said...

A good boy indeed.