Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's a Blessing

We had a good start to May with Layla's blessing--kind of bittersweet knowing it was to be the last of six (count 'em, six--and, yes, the last) babies that Rich has taken to the front of the chapel in their little white outfits. I'm thinking I might just be pretty sentimental with every "last" with this baby, so prepare yourselves for sappiness from here on out!
We are pretty lucky to have such a good, supportive family (and friend--just a shout out to my FAB friend, Heather, who is just like family). It was freezing and they humored me with a picture (or 5) anyway!

Here is the series of gotta-have-'em shots on the blessing day and the post-blessing get-together. And just for the record, she is such a good baby. Someone must've known that I needed one that would be nice to us. You know, bein' on the brink of insanity and all.
(Seriously, are all these ours??)
And this final shot is to show that a person (especially one like me) can go almost three years and not notice a physical feature between two cousins that is pretty much identical. Just LOOK at those eyes. Matchy-matchy genes! Oh, and the identical feature of darn good looking, too.


summer said...

oh - everything is to love about this! Congratulations on such a happy and beautiful day! Layla is absolutely gorgeous - how fun to have a little princess on the end...we are hoping for the same situation on our end, Madeleine is getting rather desperate for a sister! I love your hair long - it perhaps is encouraging me that I should actually try to grow mine out since the pregnancy hormones might be in my favor :)

Heather said...

That was a fabulous day Shar. Each blessing (okay, so it's only been two...hold it, was I at Olivia's?) that we've been privileged to be a part of has been special. You have a beautiful family, and we are just so glad we can see y'all often!

Anonymous said...

Shar, you are so gorgeous!! I am so sad we couldn't make it to the blessing. Layla is sure sweet! Love the pictures. Especially that last one, holy resemblance. Never noticed that, either! So handsome.